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Vandal-proof Touch Screen

The Vandal-Proof structure involves a 5-wire resistive or capacitive touch screen as an interface for touch operations with a layer of glass substrate at the bottom secured by a special optical adhesive. The Vandal-Proof structure is capable of maintaining transmittance at 81% while dramatically improving the screens resistance against impact. The special optical adhesive prevents the screen from shattering into splinters upon impact to eliminate the risks of injury in case if breakage.

Product Advantages

Enhanced resistance against impact.
Maintains 81% of transmittance.
The tempered glass is designed to prevent injury when shattered.
The Vandal-Proof structure can be applied to 5-wire resistive or capacitive touch screen.

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Market application

Most of the ATM units, ticket machines and information kiosks deployed in the market adopt glass panels that are approximately 2.8mm in thickness with an impact coefficient of around 9g/13cm. Such systems provide only rudimentary touch functionalities and have little to offer in terms of user safety. If the touch panel is shattered, due to exertion of excessive force, the glass splinters may injure those in proximity to the system. The vandal-proof touch screen panel offers tempered glass to improve the products' overall safety and strengthen product quality/marketability.