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Analog Touch Lens

The underlying structure of Touch Lens involves the addition of a membrane layer to a typical 4-wire/5-wire touch screen. The membrane layer can be made from PC, PET or ultra thin glass substrate. The idea of Touch Lens emphasizes the membrane’s capacity for various processing (i.e. coloring, drilling, chamfering, round cornering and so forth) to provide a complete and seamless front shell for touch operations to keep the touch screen level and intact.

Product Advantages

Touch Lens can be produced in various dimensions from 2” to 20.1”. It is suitable for various consumer products such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPS navigation systems and so forth to achieve full touch operability. The membrane can be made from PC, PET or 0.2mm glass with a surface that can be printed with specific images or colored. The edges of the Touch Lens can be chamfered or rounded. It can even be drilled at appropriate positions to create unique designs without affecting the touch screen’s functionalities. Depending on the material used, the product can offer a maximum transmittance of 81% and touch sensitivity at 85g.

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Touch Panel Standards

Market application

Consumer Market:
Existing products with touch screen panels such as, PDAs, mobile phones, GPS, Panel PCs share one common feature. The outer casing is usually slightly elevated compared to the touch area. The reason for such a design is due to the fact that the casing is not only required to support the entire device but also cover the circuitries on the edges of the TFT and touch screen. In order to prevent users from accidentally touching the screen, device manufacturers historically increased the height of the casing as the conventional way to overcome the problem. In contrast, Groovy Technology Corporation offers an alternative. By using a membrane layer that functions as the casing for the device used in conjunction with a touch screen we achieve a completely flat touch screen/bezel solution. The Touch Lens enhances product exterior by improving its consistency and integrity to make the product appear more refined and exquisite.