G1 Series ( Infrared Ray Touch Screen )

G1 Series ( Infrared Ray Touch Screen )

G1 series are the standard infrared ray touch screen in GTOUCH, use plastic frame mechanical design, and reach IP65 in the front of the screen. We made a new improved design to strengthen the function of anti-light pollution for the most important part of light resistance.

G1 products offer true dual-touch, which support full gesture, not the traditional virtual touch points. Customers can choose 7H-proof chemical tempered glass or physical tempered glass to reach the basic proof function easily.

Applications: Bank ATM Machine, Outdoor/ Indoor Ticket Machine, Industrial Automation Machine

Standard Panel Size: 12/ 15/ 19/ 21.5 inches

Technology Principle

Infrared touch screens operate on the mechanism of infrared LEDs arranged in arrays on two adjacent bezel edges of the PCB with photo sensors placed on the two opposite edges functioning as transmitters and receivers. The LEDs emit infrared rays simultaneously to form a grid of rays across the display. When the user wishes to send a signal through touch, he/she can do so by interrupting the light beams with a physical object. Since every infrared LED is independent, the touch screen is able to achieve positioning by analyzing the decrease in light at the corresponding photo sensors. The signal is then processed by the control circuitry and sent to the PC for the coordinates of the touch event to be displayed on screen or to be utilized by other software for relevant signal operation.


Receiver LED Transmitter LED

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Infrared Ray Touch Screen Panel Standards

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