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Glass On Top Resistive Touch Screen

With a Glass ON TOP structure, a 0.1mm Glass Film is applied to the 5-wire resistive touch screen surface using special optical adhesives. The unique design gives the touch screen surface a scratch hardness of 7H while keeping the transmittance at over 80%.

Product Advantages

Glass film design to deliver a scratch hardness of 7H at the surface.
Over 80% of transmittance.
Featuring resistive pressure sensing design to eliminate misoperation.

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Market application

The biggest flaw with conventional 4-wire/5-wire resistive touch screen lies in the fact that the ITO Film surface is not scratch resistant. With a scratch hardness of 4H, the surface is only slightly harder than fingernails. In the event of improper use by the user (i.e. scratching the surface with hard or sharp objects), the entire system is prone to malfunction in 4 wire, and cosmetic appearance issues in 5 wire. With a significantly higher scratch hardness, the GLASS on TOP solution is much more resistant towards scratches that would have rendered conventional systems inoperable. Systems with such touch screens are best suited for devices such as ticket machines, gaming machines, navigation systems, and advertising systems in high use areas. GLASS on TOP is also suitable for industrial control related operations in venues where the device is under constant exposure to hard materials.