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GR4 Series ( 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen )

TResistive touch screens are generally built with two layers of electrically conductive materials (ITO Indium Tin Oxide or ATO Antimony Tin Oxide) separated by insulated dots. When an object touches the device, the two layers come into contact. The contact produces a change in electrical current and is registered as an analog touch event signal. The signal is then sent through the circuit to be converted into a digital signal by the controller for the device to compute the exact location of the touch event.

ITO Film <>PET
We offer ITO films with scratch hardness of 3H. Our ITO films come in two specifications: the Anti-Glare (Haze 10%±3%) and Glare (Haze 5%±2%).
ITO Glass<>Glass Substrate
ITO glass is available in four varying thicknesses: 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm and 2.8mm. In addition, we also offer tempered glass solutions.

Product Advantages

  • Low power consumption: saves electricity.

  • Low production costs: affordable price makes the product suitable for cost sensitive programs.

  • Small sized screens are easier to manufacture due to well-developed technologies: resistive touch screens can be manufactured in very compact sizes, making it the most popular choice for smaller interface applications.

  • No limitations on touch medium: touch input can be performed with one's bare hand, a stylus or while wearing gloves.

  • Quick response time: excellent resistance to water and dirt; minimal interference from noise and dirt assures stable touch response quality.

>> Specifications >>4-wire resistive touch screen datasheet

4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel Standards

※Specifications are subject to change without notice,Please contact our sales representative should you require detailed specifications.

Market Application

Consumer Market:
4-wire resistive touch screen is the most widely used touch application and has the most mature manufacturing technologies as compared to other touch screen technologies. It is ideally suited for popular consumer market applications such as smart phones, GPS navigation systems, digital photo frames, and tablet PCs. The development of interactive touch products not only makes product operation easier, but also emphasizes the feeling of interactive communication for the consumers. Touch screen features improve the added value of products.

Education/Office Market:
Conference equipment can be enhanced by the introduction of touch screens to allow real-time interactive operations such as casting votes, raising questions, proposing suggestions for discussion, and online communications during meetings. Additionally, the introduction of touch screen devices in the education market also opens the door to a variety of innovative options. For example, touch screens can be used to replace test papers and allow test questions to be presented in a more interesting and creative format. These creative implementations add to the fun of teaching and learning in a classroom setting.

Industrial Control Market:
Conventional control panels suffer from the problem of having numerous buttons/dials and knobs. As a result, instrument panels tend to be rather large in size in order to accommodate all the buttons. However, as we move into a new era of digital control, we are seeing an increasing use of industrial PCs equipped with touch screens. This not only simplifies the machinery design but also elevates product level and added value, leading to more sales opportunities .