There are two series for GTOUCH Infrared Ray Touch Screen: G1 Series and GF Series

G1 series are the standard infrared ray touch screen, which have two real points and support full gesture. They have the characteristics of waterproof, vandal-proof and a long lifecycle, also support all LCD dimensions on the market. G1 series are the best choice for the POS, Kiosk or Bank ATM machine.

GF series are designed for the large size of infrared ray touch screen over 42 inches. GF series' strengness in superior light resistance and stable line drawing offer the high quality of Taiwan-made infrared ray touch screen for those customers who use large size screen in the applications of digital signage and electric whiteboard.

All series of products can directly support HID without installing of any drivers under USB in WINDOWS mode.

G1 Series - Infrared Ray Touch Screen

>> Standard Panel Size: 12/ 15/ 19/ 21.5 inches >> Front IP-65, high light resistance >> True dual-touch and full gesture >> USB/RS232 ports

GF Series - Infrared Ray Touch Screen

>> Standard Panel Size: 32/ 42/ 46/ 50/ 55/ 65/ 70/ 84 inches >> High light resistance, dust-proof >> True 2~10 real points and full gesture >> USB port >> Ultra-narrow Frame

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