Resistive Add on Single Touch Screen For 21.6" Monitor

STEP 1 : Hook installation

Using our screwdriver to fit hooks on the frame.
Please use those attached screws for instillation only.

STEP 2 : Adjustment

Hooks could be adjusted height (1.5mm~58mm) & thickness (24mm~40mm) to meet monitor size. Please loosen the screws.

STEP 3 : Stability

Please put the Skid proof pads in below positions to increase stability.


Putting adding on screen with LCD monitor.

STEP 5 :

Please install disc driver.

STEP 6 :

Select and finish Monitor Calibration, then start to use it.


There is no beep sound while touching the panel. Beep sound is more relative to software, then please check the PC speaker if it is normal to touch and accuse of the function basically. If normal please reinstall the driver, reach driver set up page and check the touch sound (beep sound) item square.
Use GTC-0429 controllers sometimes cause system crash. Test finds the Standby/Hibernation function in the operating system of the computer may lead to the fact this situation takes place, please disable this function.
R-41 controller is unable to use. Since R-41 is an old controller which has protection circuit, it needs touch panel is under the operation/ normal working condition then controller could operate normally, whenever found the R-41 controller has problems, please also check if touch panel still functional.
The touch position with the cursor is totally in the opposite direction. The cursor is blocked in the corner unable to use instead after calibration. This is a very obvious Pin Define mistake! Please ask for the specification materials to confirm again.
Find after assembling and calibration the cursor has still been blocked all the time. 1. Please check whether pin define is correct? Just ask for the relevant specifications to confirm from us.
2. Make sure if the AA area of touch screen is oppressed. Try to use Elastic washer or change the designs of monitor structure, increasing the distance with overlay and LCD panel to solve this problem.
There are some inaccuracies or difference with position of finger and cursor when touching. 1.Do you execute the driver function of calibration? If not please carry out this step and it can be solved!
2.Is Pin Define correct?
3.Is ITO film surface hurt? If yes, please change!


Please confirm you have the ownership to disassemble the products and all information. We will not shoulder any responsibility in damage caused by disassembling the products. This file only offers simple and easy TOUCH SCREEN to install method and precautions.The products are different there may be different installation methods. Welcome your letter to inquire in various kinds of problems taking place of the installation. We will not notify owners regarding any future amendments or functional changes of this product. Such revisions will only be updated in the latest edition of our manual and driver software.

Touch Screen and Installation Note

In order to prevent accidental use and performance deterioration, you are requested to keep the following precautions and inhibited points.

  • Don't handle the transparent touch panel by holding the flexible pattern portion in order to assure the reliability.
  • Don't put one product on the other; it may otherwise cause the product to be scratched.
  • Please provide a clearance of 0.3mm at least between touch panel and display cover bezel. The bezel which contacts with PET film should keep a distance at least 0.3 mm from the active area to avoid short.
  • The bezel which contacts with PET film should not place heavy pressure on the film and surface of bezel should be kept smooth.
  • Please keep clean on the surface of PET film, don't attach any tape on it.
  • Neither pull tail upward nor downward with an angle of 90 degrees, it should be keep an arch at least R5.Extremely crooked will cause the broken.
  • If there is any high voltage power, please make an adequate protect.
  • To avoid the high voltage static power to damage panel, please don't operate touch panel without connecting controller.
  • For touch panel, the area outside of the active area shall not be operated absolutely.
  • Wipe off the stain of the transparent touch panel by using soft cloth moistened with ethanol. Take care not to allow ethanol to soak into the joint of upper film and better it may otherwise cause peeling or defective operation. Do not use alkaline detergent like glass cleaner, remover (toluene), benzene or other organic solvents.
  • Don't operate touch panel with a thing other than a polydactyl pen (tip R0.8 or less) or the finger such as hard or sharp edges like a ball point pen, sharp pencil, etc.
  • The transparent touch panel is provided with an air groove, therefore please design surrounding structure not to store any liquid nor any fine particles.
  • We manufacture retain the right of changing the materials with same grade and specification.

Resistive Touch Screen Install Note

The hardness of the touch screen is about 3H (the hardness of nail is about 2H). Do not use hard material (for example, glass or iron) to brush the surface of the screen which may lead to the damage of the product.

  • Do not wrap the tail of the touch screen. Using the bonded mat to completely fix the line and controller behind the monitor. Serious shaking may cause the tail fall off that may lead to the malfunction of the product.
  • In order to have the best clicking function of the touch screen, the resolution of 800*600 is recommended.
  • After using for a period, the position is not exact. Please Re-run the driver of Correction function.
  • The surface prevents oil, water, and dirt. Even the dirt on the surface will not affect the function of product, it will influence the image. The cleaning method is using volatile neutral substance (such as alcohol) to clean the surface. Do not use the acid or alkalescent liquid (e.g. cleaning and soap water etc.) to clean the surface which may lead to the damage of the touch screen.
  • After installing the driver, if the cursor is vibrated or uncontrolled, please removes the driver first, and checks whether any other drivers exist (such as mouse or Handwriting board) have been installed. If so, please remove it and install the driver again.
  • Touch screen is pressure sensing. Do not touch more than 2 positions. This touch screen can only recognize one position.
  • Please touch the screen with the attached Touch Pen. Do not use other sharp material, such as pen or pencil.


Q:Why PS/2 of ET-1232F controller must connect with PC?
PS/2 is connected for the power of outer 5V of RS-232 controller, therefore it must connect, and this supplies the source for power.

Q:Do controllers support USB 2.0?
The data amount of transmitting signal of the controller is very small, so has not used the specification of USB 2.0.

Q: Design structure of LCD and the front case and what distance will be enough to manage?
The ones that are used touch and accuse of the thickness of the panel and two-sided glue and thickness of the elastic washer to decide, generally speaking will have about 3.2mm of thickness to add ITO Film with the glass of the size thickest 2.8mm thickness of rule of our company, combine with about 0.5mm of two-sided glue, 1.5mm thick elastic washer, so it will be better to reserve the space of 5.2-5.5mm altogether.

Q:How to choose touch screens? Resistive or Capacitive or SAW?
Generally, each touch panel has different function and usage, it depends on under what kind of environment usage and also the price will be different for each.
Price:Capacitive > SAW > Resistive
Transparency:Capacitive ≧ SAW > Resistive
Lifetime:Capacitive > SAW > Resistive
We would recommend you using resistive touch screen for personal and using Capacitive or SAW touch screen for public area.

Q:What is FPC?
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) Usually used PET and copper to make up by the FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate), have flexibility of the rubber concurrently and process the convenience that take shape in the plastic twinkling of an eye, have cooperated and is fooled and made the copper in the conductor and brought up the FPC, regarding as using materials mainly of tail in the use of touch panel.

Q: Is touch resolution related to screen resolution?
Touch resolution is determined by the touch screen controller, which is responsible for converting analog signals transmitted by the touch screen into digital signals accepted by the PC. Based on existing specifications for touch screen controllers, most products come in three different resolutions, namely: 1024*1024, 2048*2048 and 4096*4096. Touch resolution will affect the precision of touch input and the smoothness of lines and curves in illustrations. In other words, it is not directly related to screen resolution.